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History of Research & Prevention

    1980s:  A Decade of Continued Commitment

    -  The Arc sponsors its first conference on cure of mental retardation to assess the nature of research being conducted in this area.
    -  The Arc develops and publishes a book, Curative Aspects of Mental Retardation.

    The Arc conducts a survey of state genetic screening programs. A listing of each state's specific infant screening tests is developed and distributed to The Arc's state and local chapters; Two Research Monographs are developed and distributed - Mental Retardation: The Search for Cures and The Prevalence of Mental Retardation.

    The Arc implements the megavitamin research project to study the effects of nutritional supplements on the intellectual, social, and adaptive functioning of persons with mental retardation.

    -  The Arc publishes the Research Monograph, An Overview of Down Syndrome Research;
    -   A national campaign is implemented to support research in the area of prevention and the detection of preventable causes.

    -  The Arc publishes and distributes the monograph, Prevention: If not you, who? If not now, when?;
    -  The Arc participates in a coalition of five organizations to plan a national prevention effort. A national conference on prevention of mental retardation is convened;
    -  The Arc initiates its Bioengineering Program.

    -  Research funds are award to Boston Children's Hospital to study the insulin-like growth factor on fetal development;
    -  A workshop titled, A Cure for Mental Retardation?…A Look at New Genetic Technologies and Their Potential Curative Applications is presented at the 36th national convention;
    -  The National Prevention Coalition begins work on the development of a model state plan.

    The Arc's Board of Directors establishes the Scientific Advisory Panel, composed of past Distinguished Research Award winners, to advise the Research, Prevention and Program Services Committee on research priorities and issues.

    -   The Prevention Information Network (PIN) is established;
    -  Advocacy by The Arc's Governmental Affairs Office results in the establishment of the Disabilities Prevention Program at CDC; Publications, Preventing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Other Alcohol-Related Birth Defects: Teacher's Manual;
    -  10 Projects for Preventing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Other Alcohol-Related Birth Defects and Have You Heard? are completed and distributed to local chapters, with funding from Zeta Tau Alpha

    -  The Arc's Board of Directors splits the Research, Prevention, and Program Services Committee into three separate committees. The Prevention Committee meets for the first time, with Peter Leibert as Chair;
    -  The PIN holds its first meeting at National Convention in San Antonio;


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