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History of Research & Prevention

    1960s:  A Decade of Progress in Policy & Prevention

    The Arc establishes a formal liaison with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

    The Arc is represented on the first President's Panel on Mental Retardation (PPMR).

    The first article about the dangers of lead poisoning upon child development is published in Children Limited.

    -  PPMR publishes a report, The Causes of Mental Retardation; the report was written by former President of The Arc, Elizabeth Boggs;
    -  The Arc's advocacy results in two federal laws that support research into the causes of mental retardation, including the establishment of Mental Retardation Research Centers.

    Ten years of research grants are given to Edward Zigler, MD, Yale University, to support work in early childhood development. The influence of Dr. Zigler's work resulted in the establishment of Head Start.

    -  A research grant to Remington later resulted in a test to detect toxoplasmosis;
    -  A research grant to Goodman helps identify genetic differences in persons with Down Syndrome;
    -  Robert Cooke, MD, recipient of The Arc's Grover Powers Professorship, is named chair of Project Head Start.
    -  Edward Zigler, Ph.D, the first Gunnar Dybwad Distinguished Scholar in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, is appointed to the Head Start Steering Committee.

     The Arc's advocacy with other national organizations results in the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid;
    -  The Arc spurs measles campaign; and
    -  Kim Fisher, whose parents were members of The Arc, served as the 1966 Poster Child.

    The Arc receives a federal grant to support a project on Poverty-related Mental Retardation from the Office of Economic Opportunity as part of the War on Poverty.

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