Technology Programs

    The Arc’s Technology Programs are designed to increase the effective adoption of technology by people with I/DD and support technology companies to create accessible and usable products for people with I/DD.

    The initiatives of the Technology Programs include:

    The Tech Toolbox

    A crowd sourced, online directory of technology products for people with I/DD.  Visit Tech Toolbox here.

    Tech Survey Challenge

    An initiative to gather data about the kinds of technology products used by people with I/DD, in order to fuel the development of a recommender system that relies on machine learning to generate personalized technology recommendations for people with I/DD.  View the Tech Survey Challenge site here.

    Online Coaching Service

    An online platform where people with I/DD are matched to professionals to receive coaching to develop a wide range of skills via video conference.  The platform is HIPAA compliant, with features for matchmaking coaches to clients, scheduling coaching sessions, case management, and video chat.  To request to join the private beta version of the Online Coaching Service contact us at

    Technology Coaching Centers  

    Staff at the Centers provide in-person consultations to people with I/DD to identify their tech-related needs and train them to use technology that will meet those needs.  The Centers are housed in chapters of The Arc around the country. 

    Product Testing Service  

    The Arc provides user research and product testing services to  technology companies that wish to make their products more accessible to and useable by people with I/DD.  To find out more, please contact Abe Rafi,

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