Vehicle Donation Program

The Arc is pleased to offer a nationwide vehicle donation program to benefit state and local chapters. Participation in this program is a great way to raise valuable dollars from donated cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles without the hassle of operating your own program and with minimal fees. Here’s how the program works: 

  • As a participating chapter, you’ll need to publicize the program to members, donors and the general public.   
  • Those who wish to make a vehicle donation can either call the toll-free telephone number, (877) ARC-CAR0, or make their donation online. While technically the donations are being made to The Arc, the donor is asked to identify the specific chapter of The Arc they would like to benefit from the gift. 
  • A customer service representative will then schedule the vehicle pick-up with a reputable tow truck company. The vehicle donation call center and vehicle processing is handled by Melwood Charity Car Donation Center (Melwood), which operates one of the largest and most successful vehicle donation programs in the U.S.  Read more about hours of operation and benefits for your donors.
  • The vehicle will be sold at auction, after which the monies will be collected and the proceeds distributed.
  • You will receive 90% of the net proceeds from donations where the donor has identified your chapter as the intended beneficiary of the gift.
  • Distribution of the funds is as follows: from the gross proceeds, Melwood will deduct the auction fee, the towing fee and a processing fee of $95 to arrive at the net proceeds amount. Ninety percent (90%) of the net amount will go to you; ten percent (10%) will be retained by The Arc of the United States. Your check will come directly from Melwood.
  • Melwood provides each donor with a written vehicle donation confirmation and an acknowledgement letter on behalf of The Arc of the United States. You will receive reports identifying the donors and providing contact information to allow you to follow-up with them as well.

We encourage you to participate in this hassle-free, revenue-raising vehicle donation program. Sign up online today! Or contact:

Jarvis Grigsby
Melwood Charity Car Donation Center
(301) 856-6364

Do you have a vehicle donation program that uses another processing service? Check to see if the fee schedule under our program is more favorable than what you are currently receiving.

Are you currently handling vehicle donations with your own staff? By joining our program, you could save a lot by way of staff time and expenses.

Our program is simple, cost effective and easy to participate in. Questions? Please contact Megan Kyte or our Marketing Department.

Note: In order to participate, a chapter must be current in its affiliate dues to The Arc. Donations made from locations where a chapter has not signed up will be made to The Arc.


Helpful Marketing Materials

Use this URL to link the buttons and banners below from your site to the donation page: . 

Other materials (ads, flyers, posters, etc) are available here. You must be logged into your chapter account to access this page. For questions about marketing materials, contact Megan Kyte at

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Car Donation Button

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